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Louisiana National Guard Mobilizes for Operation Lone Star to Bolster Texas Border Security

BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed House Bill 19 into law authorizing the mobilization of the Louisiana National Guard (LANG) to support Operation Lone Star, a border security initiative in Texas.

The bill, approved during a recent Special Session of the State Legislature, allocates $3 million in funding to cover expenses including pay and allowances, transportation, lodging, meals, and per diem for LANG troops.

Brigadier General Thomas Friloux, adjutant general of Louisiana, expressed confidence in the readiness of the troops, stating, "The Soldiers we're sending to the border are ready to support the State of Texas. They're trained, capable, and are going to work well with their Texas counterparts."

The deployment plan involves sending 50 soldiers to Texas in three rotations, each lasting approximately 30 days. The unit command team, comprising company commanders, first sergeants, and support staff, will remain in place for the duration of the 90-day mission to ensure accountability and continuity.

The first rotation is scheduled to muster in Louisiana and commence its mission in Texas no later than March 15, 2024. The Louisiana National Guard will maintain its presence in Texas until approximately June 12, 2024, when the final rotation of soldiers begins their journey back to Louisiana.

Soldiers from the 2-108th Cavalry Squadron in Shreveport, La., will comprise the first two rotations, while soldiers from the 61st Troop Command, based in Carville, La., will fill out the remaining rotation.

Friloux reiterated the quality of the troops being deployed, affirming, "I am confident that we are sending the best group of soldiers to support Texas. Our unit command team understands how to take care of soldiers and accomplish the mission."

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