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Louisiana Housing Corporation Extends Support to St. Vincent de Paul Non-Congregate Shelter in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, La. —The Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) is proud to announce a continued partnership with St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge and the City of Baton Rouge to bolster efforts in providing safe and secure housing solutions for vulnerable individuals within the capital city. A 24-hour non-congregate shelter will be built in Baton Rouge to help St. Vincent de Paul expand their homelessness solution services. Through comprehensive funding, LHC reaffirms its commitment to addressing homelessness and supporting in initiatives that foster stability and dignity for all Louisianians. 


LHC awarded $5 million toward building this brand-new shelter which was matched by The City of Baton Rouge's contribution of $1 million. The shelter will give families a place to stay throughout the day, children will be able to go to school, and hopefully help parents get back on their feet. 


The shelter will be at the corner of North Boulevard and Brice Avenue. The shelter includes a two-story building with 32 rooms, each room includes four beds totaling to 128 beds. The shelter can hold individuals and families. The shelter will also provide conjoining rooms as an option for families with up to eight people to stay together. 


"At Louisiana Housing Corporation, we recognize the essential need to support our homeless population," said LHC Executive Director Marjorianna Willman. "This type of shelter will provide long-term stability, giving families and individuals a chance to rebuild and come out on the other side. It will address the multifaceted challenges of homelessness. We are glad to be working with the City of Baton Rouge and St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge to bring shelter to those who need it." 


The goal of the shelter is to make a tangible difference in lives of the homeless community. The shelter will serve as a lifeline for individuals seeking refuge and a chance to rebuild their lives. 

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