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Louisiana House Passes Tax Incentive Worth $180 Million to Boost Film Industry, Now Headed to Senate

The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed a tax incentive worth $180 million to keep film productions in the state. If approved by the Senate and signed by the governor, studios will continue to receive incentives that will help bring more jobs, money, and production to the state.

Katie Pryor, the Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Film Commission, praised the tax break for making Louisiana competitive in the global film market by providing stage space, an excellent crew, and fantastic locations. She believes it will keep Baton Rouge in the eyes of filmmakers who want to shoot there.

However, only some people support the incentive. State Rep. Richard Nelson criticized the proposal, calling it a waste of money. He cited the $170 million budget for NCIS New Orleans, which he says is equivalent to the entire budget of the New Orleans Police Department.

In contrast, State Rep. Mandie Landry supported the bill, highlighting the job opportunities and payroll taxes paid by the film industry. She said the tax incentive would help provide stability and create steady jobs for people who previously worked as waiters and waitresses.

If approved, the tax break will remain in place for another decade, providing a stable environment for film studios and bringing in new productions to the state.

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