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Louisiana Fortify Homes Program Unveils Second Round of Applications for Roof Grants

Homeowners in Louisiana are eligible for up to $10,000

towards hurricane-resistant roof upgrades

Baton Rouge, Louisiana - The Louisiana Fortify Homes Program initiated its second application phase on Monday, granting homeowners across Louisiana an opportunity to secure up to $10,000 for replacing or fortifying their roofs to meet stringent hurricane-resistant standards.

Commencing at noon, the application period saw 1,000 slots made available exclusively to homeowners insured through the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp., the state's insurer of last resort for individuals unable to secure coverage in the private market.

Overseeing the grant initiative, the Louisiana Department of Insurance has reserved the initial half of a $30 million allocation, targeting 1,500 Louisiana Citizens policyholders who can apply during the first two rounds of applications. Subsequent application periods, yet to be scheduled, will open an additional 1,500 slots accessible to all homeowners.

As of 12:45 p.m., the application window remained open, a significant departure from the inaugural round on Oct. 2, where the 500 available slots were swiftly claimed within minutes. However, the extended availability only sometimes reflects diminished interest.

The Louisiana Fortify Homes Program directs its grants towards enhancing fasteners and seals, enabling roofs to endure winds of up to 150 mph and preventing water infiltration into the underlying wood structure.

To qualify for the grant, homeowners must engage a state-approved evaluator to assess their property and obtain proposals from a minimum of three insurance department-approved contractors capable of performing the necessary work. The insurance department's website provides a comprehensive list of endorsed evaluators and contractors.

Louisiana has grappled with an insurance crisis since 2020, as a series of costly disasters led to the bankruptcy of several insurance firms and prompted others to cease writing new policies within the state. This dire situation has forced many residents out of their homes, with exorbitant premiums imposed by remaining insurers.

During the 2023 legislative session, state lawmakers allocated $30 million for the Louisiana Fortify Homes Program grants. With a ceiling of $10,000 per recipient, the program aims to fortify at least 3,000 homes statewide. Notably, these grants are non-repayable monetary aids, providing recipients with vital financial support for roof upgrades without the burden of repayment.

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