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Louisiana Democratic Party Releases Details of Presidential Preference Primary

BATON ROUGE, LA – As the Democratic presidential nominating contest continues, Louisiana Democrats are looking toward April 4 and sharing the details of the state’s presidential preference primary.

Louisiana will vote for a Democratic nominee in an April 4 primary. Of the four states voting on April 4, Louisiana will award the most delegates. Candidates will compete for 61 total delegates, nearly double that of both Iowa and New Hampshire combined. These delegates will be awarded to candidates who pass a viability threshold of at least 15% in each of Louisiana’s six congressional districts or statewide. After the viability threshold is passed, delegates are awarded through a proportional representation system.

Because of the primary date change to align with Louisiana election laws, Louisiana was awarded four bonus delegates by the Democratic National Committee.

“We’re proud of the large role Louisiana plays in the presidential nominating contest as the state with the most delegates up for grabs on April 4,” Louisiana Democratic Party Chair Karen Carter Peterson said. “Louisiana is a melting pot of cultures that reflects the rich diversity of the Democratic Party, and our primary gives a greater voice to that diversity. As we continue the nominating process, I’m excited to welcome candidates to Louisiana and help choose our nominee to defeat Donald Trump this November.”

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