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Limited Edition Military Coca-Cola Cans Signed by History Making Officer

Officer Pamela R. Smith signs limited edition Coca-Cola can commemorating her promotion and her 1st signage as Warrant Officer 5 with husband; Warren Smith, a former military service member in observance.

By Aaron Escort, Sr.

Weekly Press Contributing Writer

Officer Pamela R. Smith of the United States ARMY and native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, signs limited edition military Coca-Cola cans after a promotion ceremony in her honor. Smith was promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 5; the Department of Veterinary Science highest rank. In addition, Smith will be recorded as the 2nd female officer to every receive such a high rank in the Department of Veterinary Science and the 1st African American female to receive rank as Chief Warrant Officer 5 in her department according to Officer Denham; host of the promotional ceremony.

Along with the promotion in rank, Smith received numerous accolades from her military colleagues. Each honored her as they gave testimony regarding how her No-nonsense way both challenged and influenced them throughout their career. Mrs. Pamela R. Smith, as she often reminds everyone, “the R. is important”, has a reputation of being very serious, however, there are moments when she’s been known to catch you off-guard; (no pun intended).

Smith, with 28 years as a service member of the United States ARMY accredits her success with this and other achievements to her Village or Military Team. In her speech, Smith recognize a host of individuals, both military and civilians. She noted it was them and their attributes which guided her course and now sets the path for her upcoming challenges. Smith didn’t fail to recognize her family and their contribution to her achievement. Though this promotion was clearly earned, Smith left no doubt that the TEAM support she’s had played a major role in getting her to this point.

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