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Legacy of Education and Leisure Flourishes: Unveiling the J.S. Clark Golf Course at Baton Rouge Zoo

By BR Weekly Press

Mayor Waites, joined by esteemed local dignitaries, presided over the ceremonial unveiling of the rejuvenated J.S. Clark Golf Course at Baton Rouge Zoo and Greenwood Park this past Saturday, on September 16, 2023.

The course, paying homage to Joseph Samuel Clark, an eminent figure in higher education and former President of Southern University (1913-1940), stands as a living tribute to his enduring influence.

The golf course underwent substantial refurbishments as part of the extensive revitalization initiative led by BREC, encompassing comprehensive enhancements to the zoo and park. Marketed as an "executive style 9-hole layout" featuring a designated PGA style practice area, it caters to a broad spectrum of golfers, from novices to seasoned players aspiring to refine their prowess. The course boasts optimal turf conditions, showcasing 419 Bermuda Tee Boxes and Fairways and Tif Dwarf Greens, all benefitting from meticulous wall-to-wall irrigation.

Comprising 4 par 4s and 5 par 3s, the course allows for tailored experiences, with three sets of tee boxes specifically designed to accommodate beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. The course's design, reminiscent of the famed Beaver Creek, offers an idyllic walking experience. Further enhancing the experience, the facility features seamless cart paths, ensuring convenience for riders. The strategic layout facilitates completion of a round in approximately two hours, presenting an enticing option for post-work and weekend play.

For enthusiasts seeking further information or eager to plan their visit, a wealth of details can be found at BREC Golf.

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