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Kim Burrell ‘Was Shot At’ and Received Death Threats After Anti-Gay Sermon

Pastor Kim Burrell and Gospel recording artist.
Pastor Kim Burrell and Gospel recording artist.

*Gospel singer and pastor Kim Burrell says she needed a protection detail after her controversial 2017 sermon about gay people.

During the sermon, Burrell was filmed preaching about “perverted” homosexuals and the message came days before her scheduled appearance on “Ellen.” In the video, Burrell asks anyone afflicted with the “homosexual spirit” to pray to God for deliverance. She then refers to homosexuality as a spirit of “delusion” as well as “confusion” before calling homosexuals “perverted.”

She also took aim at Bishop Eddie Long by making reference to his alleged homosexual activity.

In a new interview with the “We Sound Crazy” podcast, Burrell said the backlash resulted in her receiving death threats, Urban Hollywood 411 reports.

“That cancel culture thing increased right about then. I hadn’t heard of it before… I glory in those days because I was chosen to be put in that position, and I know God had a divine purpose for me. But I have not shared that I was shot at,” she said before recounting the 24/7 security she required in the aftermath of her remarks against gays.

“I had helicopters flying over my home. I had constables, sheriffs living outside of my house for seven days, when one would drive off, another [would arrive]. It was 24 hours,” she added. “The Muslim nation came to my church and there was security for 45 days, without me asking.”

Burrell said music icon Stevie Wonder offered to help.

“When all the news started going crazy, Stevie called me and said, ‘I don’t like what I’m hearing… I need you to come to me.’ He buys an airline ticket and me and my assistant flew to Stevie,” she said. “I went and hung out with Stevie for about two or three few days.”

Burrell claims the harassment is still ongoing.

“It is still going on. I still get death threats… after five years, six years. People still call and give hate mail, so much stuff. Believe it or not, it is still happening heavily,” Burrell said.

The full interview is below and Burrell discusses cancel culture at the 37:00 mark.

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