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Kanye West's Sunday Service Brings Its Gospel to Baton Rouge

Kanye West onstage during his Jesus Is King album and film event at The Forum on Oct. 23, 2019 in Inglewood, California.

Bethany Church to host outdoor performance of ‘Jesus

is King’ to uplift the spirits of the masses on Friday, November 1st.

BATON ROUGE, La, - On Friday, November 1, experience the latest creation from Grammy award winning Kanye West that is taking the world by storm, Sunday Service. Sunday Service is the testimony of Kanye’s journey through Christianity, backed by a powerful 80-piece chorus and band ensemble. Not only has Kanye composed a breathtaking performance, but it also served as the muse for his latest album Jesus is King. Enter with an open heart and be ready to have your spirit uplifted.

It’s the songs that have made Sunday Service a social media sensation; in clips posted online by attendees — mostly Kim Kardashian — they sound, as Jia Tolentino put it at the New Yorker, “startlingly beautiful.”

Sunday Service visits Bethany South, 6pm this Friday November 1st following the highly anticipated release of Kanye West’s 9th album, Jesus is King. Sunday Service has been touring the country for the past 7 months after debuting at Coachella in April. Like all things Kanye, Sunday Service has taken over the interest of popular culture and media outlets spanning the globe. From stunning destinations, to sounds that appear to come heaven-sent, immaculate visual arrangements and the beautiful and hard-hitting compositions that have made Kanye a staple in the music industry, Sunday Service is a curious extension of the Kanye brand.

The Sunday Service event will be hosted at Bethany Church in South Baton Rouge on November 1st at 6pm. The “Brunchella” theme of the event compliments the Sunday “church” gospel experience with a delicious brunch menu provided by Boil and Roux Southern Kitchen.

Parking will be available at Bethany and Home Depot. Early arrival is highly suggested.

For tickets and parking information, visit

If you would like more information about Sunday Service, contact Ace Hammond by email or call 747.284.9868.

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