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Gisele Haralson Uses the Arts to Help Youth Express Their Creative Personalities

From left to right: Gavin Lathan, Nicholas Chesterfield, Zyqueaz Desira, Jeremiah Dixon, Jarvis Scott, Mazi Ikechukwu, Carl Matthews Jr, / Bottom Gisele Haralson

Gisele Haralson, Executive Director of Child Development Institute

By Gisele Haralson

Gisele Haralson uses her imagination to dream big; as a writer, film producer, radio personality, and executive director of Child Development Institute. Her journey to success has not been a path of the straight and narrow.

When Haralson thinks about the feelings she felt when she finally discovered her divine purpose, what she was called to do in life. She bravely began making the steps necessary to begin moving in the direction of her God given purpose. Upon graduating from high school she wanted nothing more than to be a teacher. She truly loves children and the idea of becoming an educator fueled her as a college freshman. Visions of the pitter patter of little hands and feet in a classroom setting illuminated her mind as she studied at her alma mater Southern University AM in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The idea that she could be a part of shaping the future excited her tremendously and although she has authored several books, working on two film productions, hosting her own radio show; Gisele’s greatest sense of satisfaction is the work that she is currently doing as Executive Director of Child Development Institute.

Child Development Institute is a non-profit organization that unitize a number of innovative ways to encourage, educate, foster creativity, and leadership skills in children. In the fall of 2019 Gisele Haralson was fortunate to receive a grant that allowed her to offer some Creative Expressions workshops. The goal of these classes was to encourage creative expressions by helping students develop a love of using words, drawings and music to express themselves but also to inspire students to think bigger and broader about the world in which we live.

The reason why this project means so much to Haralson is that it shows the resilience, innocent, and talent of children during a very difficult time in our country.

The project provided an outlet for children to be able to immerse themselves into a world of creative expressions where they could unleash their imaginations while journeying into a world of endless possibilities. This unknown journey provided an opportunity if only for a moment, to removes children from their new normal; a normal for many that is twisted in a circle of fear, and uncertainty.

Gisele Haralson believes that the Arts are a wonderful place to grow and expand your mind, not just for children but for all individuals that are courageous enough to follow their dreams.

After ten years in the film and entertainment industry, hosting events that empower women, being a voice for the voiceless; Child Development Institute has brought Gisele back to her first love which is children and youth development. Her underlining message is that anything is possible if you dare to dream.

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