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First Ward Voters Assoc. Endorse Biden, Harris Democratic Presidential Ticket

Joseph A. Delpit

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Board of First Ward Voters Association reaffirms our commitment to serve for elections under the leadership of the first elected official from our community, the patriarch leader of our community, Joseph A. Delpit. He was elected to the City Parish Council in 1968 and has remained active in the development & progress of our city, state and nation. For decades, he has directly open doors of power and inclusiveness to all our elected & appointed officials.

He, along with other community leaders have welcomed First Ward Voters Association to join them, as they continue to be a voice for our people. We urge all our supporters to join us in electing the most capable persons to serve, and direct government toward our fullest community prosperity.

On this day we again join hands to wholeheartedly endorse the DEMOCRATIC PARTY TICKET OF BIDEN & HARRIS FOR PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT!

First Ward Voters, since 1952 has served as a clearing house for candidates and a voter recommendation organization serving the interest of citizens of this area in particular, as well as Baton Rouge in general. FIRST WARD VOTERS has played a significant role in the creation of voter rights, equal employment, equal opportunity and shared economic benefits to all citizens in the community.

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