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Disabled American Veterans, Capital City Chapter #5, Calls for Volunteers

By Nelson Tyson

Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Capital City Chapter #5, is issuing a compelling call to action, inviting compassionate individuals from all walks of life to join in honoring the valor and dedication of America's veterans. With the mission of fulfilling promises to the men and women who have selflessly served our nation, this initiative presents an invaluable opportunity for community members to unite in gratitude and service. Each individual, regardless of background or method of contribution, holds the power to make a meaningful impact.

Notably, DAV positively impacts over a million veterans annually through life-changing programs. You have the chance to become a part of this organization's commitment to supporting military veterans. Discover more about DAV by clicking here!

Join us in upholding the promise to America's veterans. For more details about this exceptional volunteer initiative, please visit

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