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Election Results

BATON ROUGE. La. —The runoff election has come to a close, and the votes have been tallied.

Mayor-President Sharon Weston-Broome has been re-elected. The mayor won with a majority of 57% votes in the city of Baton Rouge; running against former businessman Steve Carter.

Broome held a celebration party after the results were revealed, with Governor John Bel Edwards joined the festivities via Zoom. He said about the mayor, “You were able to accomplish a great deal in your first term. I appreciate all your hard work. The people of Baton Rouge made the right decision.”

Mayor Broome is reported stating that this is only the beginning for Baton Rouge, “The work we’ve done these last four years will set the stage for a stronger, safer, more prosperous Baton Rouge,” she exclaimed. “I’m going to honor the trust you’ve placed in me. We have so much left to do."

Republican Christopher Hester won the seat of judge for the state 1st Circuit Court of Appeal, defeating Melanie Newcomer Jones. Jones won the majority of votes in the November 3rd election.

Eboni Johnson-Rose secured her seat for the 19th Judicial District, Division K alongside a 15-bench. She received 64% of the votes, winning against former commission for the court, Quintillis Lawrence. Johnson-Rose is replacing 19th Judicial District Judge Bonnie Jackson, who is retiring at the end of the year.

The Metro-City Council had several runoff elections that

Brandon Noel will now represent District 1, replacing Councilmember Trae Welch. The The commercial lender at Landmark Bank and former member of Zachary City Council will represent Zachary, Pride , Port Hudson, Chaneyville, and various areas in Baker and Central.

Jen Racca beat Tania Nyman for councilmember of District 12 in one of the most closely contested races this election year. The insurance consultant was appointed to the seat after former councilmember Barbara Freiberg was elected to the House of Representatives. Racca will represent Kenilworth, Concord Estates, Mayfair, Southdowns, and Valley Park.

Aaron Moak is now representing District 4, replacing Scott Wilson; beating out Tenika James. The businessman, who owns an information technology company, is representing most of the Central area.

Cleve Dunn is the new councilmember for District 6, defeating Dawn Chanet Collins in a close race. Dunn is replacing Dawn Collins-Lewis; winning the election by a 1% higher voter turnout, according to an unofficial result. The former chairman of the Airport Commission will represent Melrose East, Broadmoor and Villa Del Rey neighborhoods.

LaMont Cole beat out his friend and colleague Alfred Bell, and won his reelection for District 7. The chief academic officer of the charter school network, CSAL Inc. will continue to represent Mid City Baton Rouge and north Baton Rouge.

Former Councilmember Tara Wicker’s seat was open, after the member put her hat in the ring for Baton Rouge mayor. Now, Carolyn Coleman will represent District 10. The former teacher and leader in the school district’s program will represent Old South Baton Rouge, areas surrounding LSU and Southern University, downtown, as well as parts of Mid City.

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