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Edwards Host Live Statewide Broadcast As Stay at Home Order Takes Effect

Courtesy of LPB and WYES & WLAE New Orleans

Baton Rouge, La. — On Monday, March 23, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards joined health experts and members of his administration for a live statewide discussion on Louisiana's response to COVID-19. The broadcast aired from on television and radio stations across the state and on multiple digital platforms. The program was produced and broadcast from the studio of Louisiana Public Broadcasting in Baton Rouge.

Edwards’ Spokeswoman Shauna Sanford said the goal was to answer many of the questions the public has about the pandemic.

“We’re going to talk about what’s going on with testing here in the state, what our capacity is, how this is impacting businesses, what resources are available for businesses, what resources are available for people who are unemployed,” said Sanford.

There was no audience at the LPB studio, but Edwards and a health professional along with other guests answered questions from the public that were sent in over the weekend.

“We know that the public they have lots, lots and lots of questions, the governor is fully aware of this and he wants to get good factual information out there as possible,” said Sanford.

In addition to health-related questions, Sanford also discussed mental health as well.

“That is so very important, and we cannot leave that out of the discussion, so we will share all of the statewide resources that we have available to help people in every facet,” said Sanford.

The state is offering free counseling services via the Keeping Calm through Covid Hotline at 1-888-310-7977.

For additional state resources text 898-211.

The hour-long broadcast was streamed here at and live on WWL AM&FM.

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