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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: AWAKEN FROM MY DREAM!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech on August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

By Dr. Marjorie L. Holt

Hello there America, I am Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Remember me? I lived with you in times of transitional peace through non-violent means. However, it appears that the times that you are living in now, have proven to be very different and more difficult than when I was with you.

So, I have awakened to discover that some of you have slipped back and regressed into a dismal state that leaves me in a quandary of disbelief. When I left you, I left with the hopes that progress was inevitable, and that the report that I would receive here would be one of encouragement, excitement and immeasurable ecstasy. However, I am reviewing the latest fashions, trends, APB’s, E-blasts, OMG Insider, Twitter, FB, and the rest of your social media efforts, and discovering that my dream is still not a reality and may have even leaped into what looks more like a nightmare than a reality; IJS.

So I am choosing to reflect back upon the “ I Have A Dream” speech that I wrote to you and delivered on August 28, 1963, which appears to keep a place in your programs that you have each January in my honor, yet is lost when you leave them. Let me convey to you what some of my concerns are. I will not remind you of all that I told you because it appears that you have either failed to remember or selectively chose to forget the importance of it. So, let me first recap for your memory and point to some of the areas that I mentioned in my speech. I first spoke about the Emancipation Proclamation when it had been signed five score years ago and what it was intended to do about the flames of withering injustices, that was supposed to last for a lifetime for all of us, not just Negro slaves. But I have awakened to find out that some of its momentous decree was never initiated, some still swallow in injustices, and some still have a problem with it after all of these years.

The doors of opportunity have been opened to all of God’s children as I mentioned, but the devastation appears gloomy because of what some have and have not done, as they were given a door to walk through: IJS. And should I remind my people that in the process of gaining our rightful place, that we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds?

I am also reminded that Rodney King was with you for a while and has now left you. I speak of him because he was on to something when he asked: CAN WE JUST ALL GET ALONG? I know that there has been many, many more who have died at the hands of wretched injustices, that seemingly were at the hands of those who were sworn to protect us. I’m speaking of the brothers and sisters who wear the blue uniforms but carry a black heart. And from what I’m sensing up here, it appears that you, America, have slipped into an insurmountable, tumultuous coma that has left you without feelings of self- worth, which gives the appearance of the absence of caring for each other, which by the way, was always at the foundation of every trial, movement, campaign, and just plain ole human suffering.

So let me just ask you America, “have you chosen to satisfy your present day thirst for freedom, peace, tranquility, or equality, by convoluting it with insatiable desires to be happy by any means necessary, choosing not to drink from the cup of bitterness and hatred but turning to self-mutilation with the drugs, alcohol, gangs, and violence”?

I must question your motives America. I have been awakened early to see that you now seek to be lavished with the theocracy of the rich and famous, instead of the democracy for all, by all.

Should I take you back to that part of my speech where I encouraged you to rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force? Your hearts must still guide your souls, and you must not give in to the pressure of the polls. So please do not excuse the behaviors of some of your brothers and sisters because of the weight of their pocketbooks vs. the weight of their crimes. Oh yes, I know that I’ve been gone from you for a long time now and that it is a new day in the lives of the politicians and the evils that torment and punish them into their caves and dens of iniquities. But you must understand America, that not only Negroes, oh now WE are African Americans, but everybody can vote now.

I also hear that our Hispanic, Asian, and Third World Countries brothers and sisters have made an unexpected arrival and their visibility economically is formidable. In fact, I am told that soon our Hispanic family status will no longer be in the minority, rather will matriculate into becoming the majority. Therefore, take heed and beware in all areas America.

And by the way my fellow Politicians, just a word to you as well: “What you do privately yields public scrutiny now with all of the technology that I’m told that you have”! IJS

You are probably asking how I’m getting all of this information. You must understand that I am speaking from an inward force that has always guided my being, from the point of my birth to the end of my untimely death. So, my internal cues America are still with me about you and your being.

Even though I have been awakened to the perils of your present state, I am still shaken by the news that infiltrates your homes daily, that seemingly have no end to the violence, injustices, demoralizing, bewilderment, trickery, scams, spams, schemes, and divisiveness surrounding our once secured institutions of family, church, schools and communities.

America, what has happened to the fibers of the blood, sweat, and tears that dared not shake our beliefs, commitments, and vows, that we not only thought about but lived out? Remember, I was once with you. I witnessed what we believed. Even when we were wrong, we were wrong with a sense that we agreed to disagree.

I understand now that you do more violating each other than protecting each other. You do less talking and more acting out. Family has become separate instead of being united. I understand that there are more Foster homes than parents at home. I had an opportunity to look at the latest hip hop tracks, DVD’s, You Tube, Skype, Snap Chat and more that allows your young people to do their own thing without parental consent and I have to ask:

What happened America?

I noticed parents that since you started believing that you wanted more for your children than you had, that your youth have seemingly lost respect for you and have even resorted to violent tendencies in their music; that their music even causes rivalry that has erupted into competition that has led to death. I know that I’m going way back now but I heard about the deaths of Tupac and Biggie Small and the Rapper’s chaos; that music no longer serves as mere pleasure anymore. You must know that I hear everything up here where I am.

And then I was torn by the fact that the AMA reported more unnecessary and increased medical mistakes than ever in the history of medicine; that more homes are being foreclosed than could ever be imagined in the history of America; that businesses are closing in record numbers; that our churches are no longer safe houses anymore; that Chicago is now the murder capital of the states; that schools, theaters, and grocery stores have now become slaughter houses; that parents have turned on their children and they are being victimized without remorse; that guns have replaced love; that lies have replaced the truth; that our leaders have lost their integrity to lead and have become bewitched.

America, there is so much more that I have received reports about since I left you. But I’m about to wake up. But before I awake from what I thought was a DREAM, let me also tell you that I did get the report that my people progressed to experience the shock of their lifetime by voting in a Negro, Black, African American, or some called him Bi-racial and others said that he was not even an American, but either way, I’m so proud of that accomplishment, even though I was not there to witness such with you. You should know that this made me very happy and what I will say is that: America, you have taken a part of My Dream and made it a reality; so I thank you for that.

However, as I get even closer to being awakened, I’m told that America is experiencing some rather unusual and strange developments from the Leaders of the free world, and some of the strange developments appear to be closely related to the one thing that I fought so hard against and that was RACISM. So, I must ask, Why are you still judging by the color of one’s skin? What has caused you to back slide into a state to regress instead of progress? Did my dream not mean anything to you to understand that the content of one’s character was far more relevant and important than the color of one’s skin? AMERICA, YOU SHOULD WAKE UP! I’m not with you, but I still believe and have faith that there is a generation to come who will live out the true meaning of MY DREAM and will walk out this one thing: “that we can all live together as brothers and sisters or we will perish together as fools”! I believe America that my living was not in vain and my dying was on purpose! That as I awaken from what I thought was a DREAM, I realize that this is A NIGHTMARE.

America, I still believe, that the faith that I have will allow me, even up here, to sing with a new meaning: “ My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing, Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrim’s pride, from every mountain side: LET FREEDOM RING!

© By Dr. Marjorie L. Holt

Original Print January, 2013

Reprint January, 2020

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