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Doris Thornton-Alexander Announces Candidacy for Mayor: A Commitment to TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY & TRUST

Updated: Feb 27

Octogenarian Doris Thornton-Alexander
Octogenarian Doris Thornton-Alexander

Baker, La. — In a momentous declaration, Octogenarian Doris Thornton-Alexander has officially thrown her hat into the ring, announcing her candidacy for the position of Mayor in our vibrant community. With a seasoned background and a strong track record of service, Doris brings a commitment to TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, and TRUST that sets her apart in Baker's political landscape.

Doris's candidacy is not just a symbolic gesture; it is a testament to her pride and enthusiasm for the community she has diligently served. Her impressive 12-year tenure on the Baker School Board and four years on the Baker City Council speaks volumes about her dedication to education and community development.

What distinguishes Doris is her unwavering commitment to TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, and TRUST. Her active involvement in civic organizations, including the Baker Pilot Club, Rotary Club, and Inter-Club Council, underscores her commitment to fostering a strong sense of community through open and honest communication.

Doris Thornton-Alexander is not just a seasoned professional; she is a compassionate advocate for the well-being of Baker's residents. Her diverse background, from serving as a Substance Abuse Program Administrator and Counselor to representing the ALF-CIO internationally as a UFCW International Representative, showcases her dedication to addressing both local and global challenges.

As a proud alumna of Southern University, Doris understands the transformative power of education and the importance of sharing personal stories to build understanding and unity in the community.

Doris Thornton-Alexander's candidacy is rooted in a profound understanding of the needs and aspirations of Baker's residents. As she steps forward to lead, her promise of TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY, and TRUST will guide her actions and decisions.

Let us rally behind Doris Thornton-Alexander, a seasoned leader with a genuine passion for the well-being of our community. With your support, together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant Baker under the leadership of Doris Thornton-Alexander.

Vote for progress. Community vote. Vote for Doris Thornton-Alexander for Mayor!

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