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Director, Film Maker Aaron Williams to Launch Perfect Mate Drive-In Movie Tour

Baton Rouge, La. — The Weber’s are excited to team up with Director/ Film Maker Aaron Williams to bring you the Perfect Mate Movie along with The Marriage Boot Camp Study Session. There are a lot of movies that goes to the big screen, but how many movies can you name that also in addition to the film come with a relationship boot camp. This movie is a Christian Romantic Comedy and has very skilled actors such as Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Jackee Harry, Chico Benymon, KD Aubert, Brittany Lucio, and many more. This movie will have you laughing, but at the same time relating to things that we all face in relationships. The Weber’s have been together for 30 plus years and they have a deep desire to help give others a new perspective and deeper understanding of the principles of oneness. They are accomplished authors and motivational speakers that have written three selfhelp books. One was entitled TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE YOU HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT which was nominated for best faith culture book of the year. They also have JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED, and THE MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP STUDY SESSION which is an instructional and motivational book on relationships. These two books are centerpieces for the movie THE PERFECT MATE. Their Marriage Boot Camp Study Session & Just What the doctor ordered book will discuss topics such as intimacy, balancing work with your relationship, and handling conflicts with the right mindset. These books also have activities and applications that you can apply to your relationships. For more information, visit, and 225-933-5816

Starting August 20th until we reach 26 States, Director Aaron Williams and his staff will launch a Drive In Movie Tour. This tour will go from city to city and state to state bringing hope, laughter, and encouragement by releasing this never seen before movie The Perfect Mate. He will start in his hometown of Louisiana where he already has 15 dates scheduled. With this tour we will set up a 40 ft. inflatable screen/projector and while we are still social distancing we will have car hoppers to give you the drive in movie experience. The director has been very busy and has teamed up with Author Larkin and Shirley Weber to bring you the relationship boot camp kit. For tour dates are to get this tour to your city contact us at

Drive-In Movie Dates:

• August 20-23 EJ Production Studios 1180 N. Main Street Opelousas La

• August 27-29 Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church 1564 Nicholson Dr. BR

• Sept 3-5 Spirit & Life International Ministry 704 Olinde Street New Roads

•Sept 11-12 Lighthouse For Jesus Ministries 1921 Wildcat Dr Abbeville la

• Sept 18-19 Harvest Time Christian Center 1295 Hwy 18 Edgard La.

• Sept 25-26 Living Faith Christian Center 6375 Winbourne Ave. BR

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