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Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence Basketball Camp Comes to Baker, LA to Foster Positive Change

Baker, LA - The Claiborne Stop the Violence Basketball Camp is set to make a meaningful impact in Baker, Louisiana, as it brings the STOP THE VIOLENCE BASKETBALL CAMP to the community. Scheduled from July 7th to July 9th at the Baker Recreation Center, this highly anticipated event aims to provide boys and girls aged 7 to 18 with an enriching and constructive experience focused on promoting non-violence and building positive relationships through the game of basketball.

Shanna Claiborne, the visionary behind the camp, was spurred to action by the tragic loss of her son to gun violence. She established the Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence organization to create lasting change. The Stop, the Violence Basketball Camp, is one of the organization's key initiatives, offering children a safe and productive summer activity while imparting invaluable life skills.

Stop the Violence Basketball Camp participants will have the opportunity to refine their basketball skills and develop essential values such as teamwork, respect, and conflict resolution. Under the guidance of Diontrey Clairorne and a team of experienced coaches, the camp will feature instructional drills, competitive games, and interactive workshops designed to enhance basketball abilities and instill values beyond the court.

Diontrey Clairorne believes in the transformative power of sports, stating, "We firmly believe that basketball can be a powerful tool to combat violence and create positive change in our community. Through the Stop the Violence Basketball Camp, we aim to equip young athletes with the necessary skills and mindset for a future free from violence."

Mayor Darnell Waites expressed his enthusiasm about hosting the camp in Baker, stating, "We are excited to welcome the Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence Basketball Camp to our city. This camp provides an avenue for youth to enhance their basketball skills, teaches them important life skills, and promotes non-violence. We commend Shanna Claiborne and her organization for their commitment to creating a safer and more positive community."

Registration for the Stop the Violence Basketball Camp is now open. Interested individuals can visit the official website,, to sign up and secure their spot. The camp offers limited spaces, so early registration is encouraged. For more information or inquiries, contact Shanna Claiborne at 225-772-8803. Shanna will be available to address questions, provide registration assistance, and offer further details about the camp.

The Baker Recreation Center, conveniently located at 1420 Alabama St, Baker, LA 70714, will serve as the Stop the Violence Basketball Camp venue. The facility boasts state-of-the-art basketball courts, providing participants an excellent environment to engage in the camp's activities and foster their passion for the game.

The Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence Basketball Camp aims to empower youth, promote non-violence, and inspire positive change through basketball. By offering skill development opportunities and instilling character-building values, the camp seeks to create a brighter future for the community and nurture young athletes to become leaders both on and off the court.

About the Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence Organization:

The Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence Organization, founded by Shanna Claiborne, is dedicated to preventing violence and creating a safer community. Through initiatives like the Stop the Violence Basketball Camp, the organization strives to empower youth with essential life skills and values that promote positive change.

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