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Digital Services Help Governments, Their Citizens Through COVID-19 Crisis

Recent global developments in response to the COVID-19 outbreak show an emerging need for digital government services, commonly referred to as eGovernment Solutions. Veridos, a world-leader in identity solutions, explains how governments can go digital and provide citizens with online access to essential government services from their homes or wherever they are.

To respond to current COVID-19 restrictions, citizens and governments have seen a need for private and public sector organizations to adapt processes and services and find digital alternatives. In light of current events, the opportunity to implement eGoverment Services (eGov Services) is now more visible than ever before. From applying for an identity document to accessing medical services, eGov Services allow people to conveniently and securely access bureaucratic processes from their homes.

Current events around the Corona crisis have led to advances within the eGovernment sector by exploring methods to integrate government services with digital platforms. The introduction of an eGovernment platform can have a multitude of benefits for all citizens. Citizens have access to official documents through a secure personal online vault. The online vault, securely stored within the government's cloud, provides access to identification documents that can be retrieved and shared at different levels.

The application of eGovernment can be adapted to a variety of situations and needs. This includes the use of digital medical services through video appointments, online learning, and even renewal of expired documents online. This platform can also be used as an efficient manner to broadly communicate with citizens. One such example would be the ability to send official announcements from the government via a standardized application directly to the citizens' smartphones.

Moreover, in daily encounters eGovernment allows for touchless authentication through the digitalization of citizens' documents. A mobile driver's license can be authenticated by scanning a one-time generated QR-code, thus avoiding the exchange of a physical document between citizens and law enforcement officers.

"The global Corona crisis clearly shows the importance of digital infrastructures. This is particularly true for advances within the eGovernment sector. Now is the time for governments to think about digitalizing services. Citizens and governments can greatly benefit from a secure and technologically advanced digital ecosystem. This is one of Veridos' priorities and we continue, as always, to be a trustworthy partner for governments around the world," says Andreas Räschmeier, CEO of Veridos.

In the new normal, the provision of eServices plays an important role in maximizing security and increasing to essential government services for all citizens. We can make sure that even during difficult situations, citizens and governments are protected with secure digital services and continued processes.

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