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Desiree Odell-Collins Announces Candidacy for City Leadership in Baker, Louisiana

Desiree Odell-Collins
Desiree Odell-Collins

BAKER, La. — Desiree Odell-Collins, a prominent figure in the Baker community, has formally declared her candidacy for city leadership, emphasizing her three-decade commitment to the area and her dedication to driving positive change.

With a track record of service spanning various community initiatives and educational endeavors, Odell-Collins announced her candidacy with a pledge to prioritize the well-being of Baker residents and enact policies aimed at enhancing the city's infrastructure and services.

"Honoring 30 years of marriage to Gerald Collins, Sr., and deeply rooted in the Baker community, I am thrilled to step forward and offer my leadership for the betterment of our city," said Odell-Collins in a statement released Tuesday.

Throughout her career, Odell-Collins has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to education, having served as the owner of the Simple Pleasures Childcare/Early Learning Center from 1995 to 2015. Her dedication to nurturing the minds of Baker's youth earned her accolades and recognition, including an "excellent" rating from the Louisiana Department of Education for her work as an instructional specialist at Baker Heights Pre-K.

In addition to her contributions to education, Odell-Collins has been an active participant in various community leadership roles, including serving on the Baker United Steering Committee and the Baker Buffalo Festival Committee. She has also played a crucial role in coordinating disaster relief efforts during significant events such as the floods of 2016 and hurricanes Katrina, Ida, Gustav, and Isaac.

Her commitment to community service has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her receipt of numerous awards and honors, including being named Rotarian of the Year by the Rotary Club of Baker in 2023 and receiving the City of Baker Citizen of the Year award in 2017.

As she embarks on her campaign journey, Odell-Collins hopes to leverage her extensive experience and deep-rooted connections within the Baker community to enact meaningful change and lead the city toward a brighter future.

The upcoming election in Baker is poised to be a closely watched affair, with Odell-Collins emerging as a prominent candidate vying for the opportunity to shape the city's trajectory for years to come.

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