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Department of Health Reports More than 2,500 Additional COVID-19 Cases, Most from Commercial Labs

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) on Thursday reports 2,726 additional COVID-19 cases, bringing the state’s total to 9,150 cases. More than 95% of these positive results are from tests conducted in commercial labs.  

“While extremely upsetting, this increase in COVID-19 cases appears to be less a sign of new exponential growth and more a sign of a logjam from commercial labs,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards. “I am pleased to see a ramp up in testing across the state. We need this energy and commitment to continue. It’s important to understand that what’s happening in Louisiana with the increased testing is also happening around the country. That said, as more and more commercial labs come online our different data systems must learn to talk to one another.

“I have said time and again – COVID-19 is a statewide problem and testing is a vital step towards understanding the scale of this problem. We believe COVID-19 is spreading in every parish in Louisiana.”

“If there is a place to draw hope here it is that these new data reveal our COVID-19 related hospitalization and death rates, while still concerningly high, are trending more in line with the national average,” said Dr. Alex Billioux, assistant secretary of the Office of Public Health. 

“The situation remains concerning, but every Louisianan has the power to change the path we are on,” said Gov. Edwards. “Think of your neighbors, and please stay at home.”

The Governor will discuss the situation during today’s 2:30 p.m. press briefing. LDH will update its dashboard with this and additional information at 12 p.m. Updates can be seen at

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