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Denise Stevenson Enters Race for Mayor of Baker, Louisiana

Denise Stevenson,
Denise Stevenson,

Baker, Louisiana — Denise Stevenson, a retired senior enlisted service member, community servant, and public health official, has officially announced her candidacy for Mayor of Baker, Louisiana. With a diverse background encompassing leadership, strategic thinking, and infrastructure management, Stevenson aims to bring her extensive expertise to the city administration.

Stevenson's campaign focuses on key issues affecting the city, including education, drainage problems, and economic development. Emphasizing the importance of investing in children, she pledges to prioritize the needs of schools and collaborate with educators, parents, businesses, and community leaders to foster a more productive environment.

As a former Louisiana buildings and premises regulator, Stevenson is well-equipped to address drainage issues that have plagued the city, causing flooding in homes and businesses. She intends to advocate for entrepreneurs and streamline the permitting process to encourage business growth while reducing bureaucratic obstacles.

Highlighting her commitment to unity and trust-building among citizens, Stevenson vows to assist the people of Baker in navigating systems to achieve their goals and address concerns. Leveraging her leadership and administrative experiences, she aims to ensure a safe, healthy, and prosperous future for the city.

Stevenson's qualifications include a background as a sustainable community developer, youth-focused nonprofit incorporator, entrepreneur, and U.S. Air Force Senior Enlisted Leader (R). Her expertise in public health and occupational safety, coupled with infrastructure management experience, positions her as a capable candidate for mayor.

Recognizing the importance of financial support in running a successful campaign, Stevenson humbly requests contributions from supporters. Donations can be made securely on the campaign website or via checks payable to the Denise Stevenson Campaign Fund.

As the election approaches, Stevenson urges citizens to participate in early voting from September 16th to March 9th, with Election Day scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd, 2024.

In conclusion, Stevenson expresses gratitude for consideration and support, emphasizing her commitment to creating a future where fairness and hard work are rewarded.

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