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Councilman Demands Report on Lethal Impact of Police Chases in Baton Rouge

Councilman Cleve Dunn Jr.
Councilman Cleve Dunn Jr.

By WP Staff Writer

“An East Baton Rouge Metro Council member has ignited an explosive demand for a report on the effectiveness of police chases. Councilman Cleve Dunn Jr. is seeking a comprehensive investigation into the deadly impact of these pursuits.

The request for a report follows a devastating New Year’s Eve incident where two young cheerleaders lost their lives as a result of a police chase. This tragedy has fueled the councilman’s resolve to uncover the truth behind these pursuits and their consequences.

The data for the report will come from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and Baton Rouge police, spanning over the last ten years. The report will shed light on the human toll and financial liability these pursuits have had on the City-Parish.

It’s time for action to be taken to address the dangerous effects of police chases. Councilman Dunn Jr. is leading the charge in this effort, and his report is expected to bring critical attention to this important issue.”

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