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Corey Smith, Candidate for Metro Council District 6

Corey Smith

I’m Corey Smith, your progressive candidate for Metro Council District 6. I’m asking for your support and, most importantly, your VOTE. Early voting begins October 16th, 2020. Election Day is November 3, 2020. I’m not running for an office, I’m running for you and your family. As a teacher, I have fought on the frontlines for your children to have access to quality instruction and pertinent resources to succeed beyond the classroom.

As a former board chairman for a local charter school, I have created policies and procedures as well as balanced budgets to promote growth and strengthen the stability of the organization. As a business consultant, I help individuals start up and grow their businesses on a daily basis. As a community advocate,

I connect many individuals and families to equitable resources that increase their quality of life. As your councilman, I will continue fighting to ensure your family has access to fair and impartial resources that facilitate opportunities for current and upcoming generations. My mission as your councilman is to create more jobs for the citizen of EBR.

Once elected, I will work with our small business owners to become vendors with the city-parish by showing them how to properly bid on city projects. I will sponsor an ordinance that favors our local businesses in the bidding process which further supports our citizens. In order to attract new businesses to our district, we must tackle the blighted properties in our area. They not only discourage businesses from moving into our community, they serve as HUBS for crime.

My administration will prioritize fixing our roads and infrastructure, upgrading and expanding our drainage system, and finding practical solutions for traffic. As your councilman, I pledge to you the TripleA Guarantee: Accountability Across the board All of the time - for every department in city-parish government. I LIVE here, work here, and worship here. I am Ready to SERVE HERE! VOTE Corey Smith #113 on the ballot!

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