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Congressman Troy Carter’s Statement Celebrating Black History Month 2023

Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr.
Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr. (D-La.) released the following statement recognizing the start of Black History Month 2023:

“Today marks the start of Black History Month – a time to honor and celebrate the accomplishments, culture, history, and essence of the Black experience in the United States of America.

“Black History Month is about reflecting on our past and uplifting one another to support our communities. I’m grateful to be from Louisiana, where we know the importance of reaping what we sow. Community service has always been a central part of my mission as a Black man, a public servant, an advocate, a legislator, and most importantly – a father.

“We also must ensure that young people know our history and use it as the driving force behind their passions. I want to expand education opportunities for students because learning is key to unlocking their potential. I wouldn't be the man I am today without my experiences at an HBCU.

“This February, I recommit to advancing policies that defend civil and voting rights, promote racial justice, educate our children, and invigorate our local economies. I will be at the forefront of the work we still need to do to guarantee equality for everyone.”

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