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Congressman Troy Carter Lowers Health Care Costs for Louisiana

Historic Inflation Reduction Act Already Reducing Kitchen Table

Costs for Families

NEW ORLEANS, L.A. – Today, Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr. shared new data on the impact of the historic Inflation Reduction Act, which he passed with his Democratic colleagues to lower health care costs.

In August, the Inflation Reduction Act passed with Congressman Carter’s support. It slashes kitchen table costs for working families in Louisiana’s Second Congressional District. The historic legislation forces pharmaceutical companies to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, caps insulin at $35 per month for Medicare patients, and cuts health insurance premiums for millions of Americans.

“I know that life-saving prescription drugs and health care costs are just too high, which is why I voted with my fellow Democratic colleagues to pass this transformational legislation,” said Congressman Carter. “With the Inflation Reduction Act, we are continuing to put People Over Politics by lowering drug costs and expanding access to affordable health care coverage for all Louisianians. While extreme MAGA Republicans put their own political agenda over the working-class Americans, I’ll continue fighting for these critical cost reductions that benefit the majority.”

According to Congress’ Joint Economic Committee, because of Congressman Carter’s support of the Inflation Reduction Act:

  • 14,000 people in Congressman Carter’s Congressional district are accessing more affordable healthcare coverage, and the legislation brought down annual ACA premiums in Louisiana by an average of $1,020.

  • 118,000 seniors in Congressman Carter’s Congressional district will soon pay less for their medications, including having out-of-pocket costs capped at $2,000 a year and paying no more than $35 per month for insulin.

Extreme MAGA Republicans opposed this critical, cost-saving legislation, which received no Republican votes in either the House or the Senate.

House Republicans have also threatened that they would repeal the Inflation Reduction Act, threatening health care for millions of Americans and raising seniors’ drug prices while handling a multi-billion giveaway to Big Pharma. Meanwhile, Democrats are laser-focused on fighting inflation and lowering costs for America’s working families.

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