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City of Zachary Introduces Flood Fact Finder for Enhanced Flood Risk Assessment

ZACHARY, La. - In a bid to empower residents and business owners with vital flood risk data, the City of Zachary unveiled its latest initiative, the Flood Fact Finder website.

Teaming up with Forerunner, a leading floodplain management platform, Zachary City aims to offer accessible flood risk information and resources at no cost to its community members.

Bryant Dixon, serving as the Director of Planning and Zoning, underscored the significance of this development, emphasizing its role in providing real-time flood data during storms, facilitating damage claims, and assisting individuals in property purchase or renovation endeavors.

"This platform will significantly augment public access to crucial flood risk data, fostering transparency regarding property flood vulnerabilities and streamlining accessibility to elevation certificates," Dixon commented.

The expansion of the Zachary community, which has doubled in size since 2010, necessitates proactive measures to address impending flood and drainage challenges. With an anticipated surge in residential developments in the coming years, this tool is poised to play a pivotal role in mitigating flood risks within the Zachary area.

"Given the exponential growth trends, our focus remains on implementing sustainable growth strategies, optimizing drainage infrastructure, and minimizing flood exposure for our residents," Dixon remarked on the city's proactive stance towards urban planning and flood risk management.

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