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City of Baker Public Health Announcement Update 2020-1 March 23, 2020

To comply with the Stay at Home Order directed by the LA Governor, recommendations of 6ft social distancing, prevent workplace exposure, and maintain a viable workforce to keep the City of Baker in operation, a specific staffing plan has been implemented to isolate the employees of the City of Baker. With the exception of the first responders (Police & Fire), employees will work on site away from other workers, work staggered/split shits, work remotely from home if practical or stay at home per the Governor’s directive.

The Mayor of Baker is urging the City of Baker and its residents to follow the Social Distancing of 6 feet and Stay at Home Orders set by our Governor under Proclamation Number 33 JBE 2020 until April 13th 2020.

I, DARNELL WAITES, Mayor of the City of Baker, do hereby order closed to public access all City of Baker public meeting places which will require that all Public Meetings be cancelled and/or postponed until further notice.

Darnell Waites, Mayor

Stay Informed, Vigilant and Calm. For more updates and information visit our website:

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