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Broad Support Surfaces For Collins-Lewis

Donna Collins-Lewis

(Baton Rouge, La.) – As she continues to work hard to sway constituents throughout the parish, Donna Collins-Lewis has drum up substantial, broad support from notable community figures. To-date, those figures include Republican Baton Rouge attorney Chris Alexander, Republican Metro Councilmember Chandler Loupe, Democratic Metro Councilmember Lamont Cole, and Democratic Metro Councilmember Erika Green.

Collins-Lewis’ candidacy received a large boost after her recent appearance on Talk Louisiana with the one and only Jim Engster. Discussions centered around the misuse of public funds found by a Legislative Auditor and Collins-Lewis’ leadership background.

In a recent interview discussing her campaign surge, Collins-Lewis stated, “We’ve made some critical campaign hires in the recent weeks and because of that we have been able to sure up our campaign infrastructure. As my message continues to reach voters, I am confident they will see that I am the best person for the job. Community forums have been very helpful. I am looking forward to attending one in Greenwood on Sept. 19th and one in Central on Sept. 25th.”

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