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BREC asks public to vote on Scotlandville Greenway Trail names

BATON ROUGE, La. - The Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC) is seeking the greater EBR community’s help in naming sections of the Scotlandville Greenway located in north Baton Rouge.

BREC’s Greenway and Trails, a division of Planning and Engineering, has divided the roughly 10 total miles of greenway into three defined sections. BREC Greenways has been working with local partners, organizations, and the community of north Baton Rouge for over a year on the master plan for the Scotlandville Greenway. BREC, along with the project stakeholders, determined that naming specific portions of the greenway would help visitors differentiate the distinct areas the trail covers.

BREC Greenways has released a survey for the community to learn about the cultural significance of each trail section and then cast their vote for the name of that specific trail section. Each segment of the trail has unique community and historical significance from which the naming options have been determined. The trail names the community can select from highlight Southern University elements that reflect the natural landscape, the Civil Rights Movement, and the role that major industries have played in developing Baton Rouge.

The community has until Jan. 31 to cast their vote for each section of the greenway trail. To learn more about the Scotlandville Greenway names and to cast your vote, go to

The Scotlandville Parkway was built in the 1970-1980s within the Interstate 110 right-of-way. The goal of the parkway was to serve as a linear park to minimize the interstate impact on the community and provide recreational opportunities such as walking and biking. It was constructed with major funding through the Federal Highway Administration and designed in concert with the expressway.

Along the 3-mile parkway route, there are many other recreational amenities including basketball, tennis, and disc golf. The parkway also boasts over 130 acres of park land and 8 miles of trails. To learn more about the Scotlandville Parkway master planning process, go to

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