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Board of First Ward Urges You to Vote for Strong Leadership

BATON ROUGE, La — The Board of First Ward strongly urges you the voters and first-class citizens to vote and encourage others to vote. It is not the time to put your trust in last minute scare tactics, mud-slinging television and radio commercials and slanderous social media posts. You can trust your leaders who have proven track records and years of experience that have been with you for decades.

The Board of First Ward will continue to trust in the leadership of Mr. Joseph A. Delpit and the recommendation of the Community Unity Ballot. Again, as clarification, we wholeheartedly endorse:

  • ν Governor John Bel Edwards, #4;

  • ν State Senator Patricia “Pat” Smith, District 14;

  • ν State Senator Regina A. Barrow, District 15;

  • ν State Representative Barbara West Carpenter, District 63;

  • ν Leah Cullins, State Representative District 67;

  • ν and all the endorsements by the Community Unity Ballot.

First Ward Voters Association, board members and workers have received no gratuities, money or in-kind services for our recommendations or endorsements.

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