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Black Lives Matter PAC Endorses Karen Carter Peterson for Congress

New Orleans, LA – Thursday, Black Lives Matter PAC endorsed Sen. Karen Carter Peterson for Congress. Black Lives Matter PAC helps elect progressive community leaders, activists, and working-class candidates fighting for Black liberation.

“Sen. Carter Peterson knows just how much Black communities in New Orleans need to be liberated from police violence and white supremacy, and how until then, our voices, our potential and our joy may never fully come to be,” said Patrisse Cullors, the Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter PAC. “We can’t afford to merely survive in our society, we need to thrive and that comes through investments in education, healthcare and housing for Black people. Sen. Carter Peterson is just the person needed in Congress at this time to lift up the lives of Black people in New Orleans, and ensure they are valued, respected and honored.”

“I’m so grateful to receive this endorsement from Black Lives Matter PAC, and I’m proud to stand alongside them to bring this movement on the streets to Congress and create a future that works for Black families and communities. Black lives matter can’t just be a fad or a slogan, we need it to be a fact. That’s why I’m fighting for policies to reimagine criminal justice and policing in our country, starting with a new model of public safety that protects Black communities through the BREATHE Act and righting the wrongs of an unjust system by legalizing marijuana and expunging past convictions," Sen. Karen Carter Peterson said.

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