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Bertie Bowman, Longest-Serving African-American Congressional Staffer, Passes Away at 92

Remembering a Pioneer - Bertie Bowman's

Enduring Legacy in American Politics

Legendary congressional staffer Herbert "Bertie" Bowman, a trailblazer in American politics, who served on Capitol Hill for over six decades, making history and inspiring generations.
Legendary congressional staffer Herbert "Bertie" Bowman, a trailblazer in American politics, who served on Capitol Hill for over six decades, making history and inspiring generations.

Herbert "Bertie" Bowman, a true trailblazer and the longest-serving African-American congressional staffer in history, breathed his last at 92, leaving a legacy of resilience and dedication that spanned over six decades on Capitol Hill. A Senate Committee on Foreign Relations spokesperson confirmed the news of his passing.

Born in South Carolina, Bowman's remarkable journey from a family farm to the heart of Washington, D.C., began with a childhood dream. At the tender age of 13, he envisioned a life away from the familiar rural landscape, yearning for the bustling city up the road. This fantasy became an unwavering obsession after encountering the late Democratic Senator Burnet Maybank from South Carolina.

Bowman's ascent from the janitorial staff to the Senate floor is inspiring. His autobiography, "Step by Step," details his remarkable career. From sweeping stairs, Bowman gradually climbed the ranks and found his niche within the influential Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the 1960s, where he served as a clerk.

Although Bowman initially announced his retirement from the committee in 1990, he continued to contribute, sometimes off the payroll. His remarkable journey came full circle when former Senator Jesse Helms, a North Carolina Republican, assumed the chair of the committee and personally requested Bowman's return as a hearing coordinator.

In response to questions about maintaining friendships with lawmakers who opposed civil rights legislation, Bowman emphasized the importance of loyalty and support during times of need. He notably refrained from discussing the negative statements made by Senator Helms about the African-American community.

Bowman's dedication and kindness were recognized by former President Bill Clinton in 2019. Clinton, who had worked under Bowman's supervision, described him as a mentor and the only African-American Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff member.

In his foreword for Bowman's autobiography, Clinton praised Bowman for embodying the American dream, starting as a poor farm boy in the segregated South and rising to prominence in the Senate.

Bowman's influence extended to the next generation of leaders, such as President Joe Biden, who served as a senator and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. President Biden lauded Bowman's autobiography as a "great American story" that provided a front-row seat to history.

In 2019, the United States Senate Federal Credit Union honored Bowman by naming their headquarters after him. Despite his age, Bowman had no intentions of retiring, having become a second father figure to many, including USSFCU CEO and President Timothy Anderson.

Bowman's enduring legacy was cemented in 2020 when he was inducted into the African-American Credit Union Hall of Fame by the African-American Credit Union Coalition. His impact on the world of finance was undeniable, and his mentorship motto of working hard, staying true to oneself, taking responsibility, maintaining a positive outlook, and expecting the best from people left an indelible mark.

Foreign Relations Chairman Ben Cardin and Senator Chris Coons, along with many others, paid tribute to Bowman, describing him as the embodiment of the American Dream and a source of inspiration for future generations of public servants.

Bertie Bowman's passing marks the end of an extraordinary journey that began with a dream and left an indelible mark on politics, mentorship, and service to the American people. His memory will continue inspiring and uplifting those who follow in his footsteps.

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