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Baton Rouge Native Pens Memoir Detailing Pregnancy Losses

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

New Book Reveals Couple’s Poignant Journey Coping with Pregnancy Loss and Parenting Special Needs Miracle Child

(Los Angeles) – Grief, sadness and loneliness have become the new reality for many Americans mourning the loss of loved ones who have died and the loss of normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic. New author Alicia S. Jones hopes her newly released book ‘Sentenced to Live: A Mother’s Journey Back to Life from The Unthinkable’ will offer readers encouragement and hope during a time they can use it most. 

 “By all accounts, one could make the argument that my life’s journey has been plagued with multiple death sentences,” said Jones. “But through it all, I remain blessed and more faithful than ever. I believe that there is a plan and a purpose for each of our lives.  We all will experience seasons of loss, pain, and suffering but I want my readers to know that there is a purpose behind the pain.”

Jones’ new book, Sentenced to Live, chronicles an emotionally gripping story of a mother’s worst nightmare. During the divine blessing of giving birth, Jones loses her first newborn baby boy to medical complications. As life offered another opportunity at childbirth, her worse fears materialized yet again as her second son succumbs to health challenges. She never had the opportunity to take either of her sons home. As if to tempt fate a third time, Jones and her husband, Gregory, eventually and miraculously gave birth to a beautiful daughter who is developmentally disabled with Cerebral Palsy.

Sentenced to Live is a vulnerable and transparent account that takes readers on a spiritual journey. It teaches how faith is easy when one’s senses are intact, but when a mother’s greatest fear devastates her existence twice, this remarkable, yet unwavering faith is deployed through the desperation to survive.

The audience will find Jones to be an immense storyteller who is invigorating, humorous, and emotionally generous. Sentenced to Live is published by True Perspective Publishing is available on, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and wherever books are sold.

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