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Baker Set to Welcome National Fitness Court in MLK Park

BAKER, La. — The City of Baker in Louisiana is set to welcome a National Fitness Court in MLK Park, thanks to a grant from the National Fitness Campaign. Mayor Waites announced that work would commence shortly, and a concrete pad would be poured to install this state-of-the-art outdoor fitness court. The court is made in the USA, designed for adults of all ages and abilities, and fully accessible. It is also built to last for decades. It is made from best-in-class materials such as dual-layer powder-coated carbon steel, tamper-resistant, galvanized, stainless steel bolts and fittings, and anti-graffiti laminate vinyl decals.

Along with the fitness court, the National Fitness Campaign also provides free online guides to circuit training and plenty of open space for instructor-led classes. The court features seven movements that offer a full-body workout in seven minutes. Training videos demonstrate how users of any age or ability can use the Fitness Court at every station. The possibilities for unique movements and custom routines are endless, making the Fitness Court an ideal resource for the community.

The City of Baker is excited to partner with the National Fitness Campaign to offer new fitness opportunities to the community. Stay tuned for further updates on the installation of the National Fitness Court in MLK Park.

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