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Baker, Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Hosts Back to School Bash at the Baker Municipal Center

Updated: Aug 4, 2023


BAKER, La - The Baker Chamber of Commerce is gearing up to host a Back to School Bash at the Baker Municipal Center at 3325 Groom Rd. The community-driven event will occur on Saturday, August 5th, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The Back to School Bash aims to equip students with supplies for the upcoming school year. While supplies last, attendees can access free school supplies and book bags, ensuring local students are well-prepared for their academic endeavors.

Community partners, including the Baker Police Department, the City of Baker, and Diontrey Claiborne Stop the Violence, have joined forces with the Chamber of Commerce to make the Back to School Bash a reality. They hope to foster a positive and supportive environment for students and their families through their collaboration.

"We're excited to host this Back to School Bash and make a positive impact on the community," said a representative from the Baker Chamber of Commerce. "We aim to ensure that students start the school year with the necessary tools and encouragement to succeed."

In addition to the educational assistance provided, the event promises a day of fun and enjoyment for all participants. Numerous vendors will be present, offering various exciting activities and treats. Attendees can relish delicious food offerings while engaging in various forms of entertainment.

The event's website,, offers further information about the Back to School Bash, including details on participating vendors and additional attractions.

Community members are encouraged to attend the Back to School Bash, join the festivities, and support the local students and families. By coming together and promoting education, the Baker, Louisiana, community demonstrates its commitment to nurturing youth and fostering a thriving learning environment.

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