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Baker High, Rosebud Training Academy Forge Partnership to Offer Nursing Assistant Certification

BAKER, La. — Baker High School has taken a significant step towards equipping its juniors and seniors with valuable career-based education by unanimously approving a strategic partnership with Rosebud Training Academy. The collaboration aims to provide interested students with a pathway into healthcare through nursing assistant certifications.

Dr. Lisa Smothers, a prominent figure within the Baker school system, emphasized the importance of preparing students for their future careers. "We have to expose students to career-based education to prepare them for their futures better," she stated.

The demand for certified nursing assistants (CNAs) has soared with an array of healthcare facilities surrounding the Baker community. Nurse Vikki Wilbon from Rosebud Training Academy revealed that East Baton Rouge Parish alone has over 160 job openings for CNAs.

Wilbon expressed her passion for nurturing a new generation of healthcare professionals, saying, "I need them as my colleagues. I need them to love the profession, to go on and be greater."

Certified nursing assistants play a vital role in providing direct healthcare support, often working under the supervision of registered nurses and closely engaging with patients and their families.

Wilbon highlighted students' long-term commitment to the healthcare field, asserting, "They won't just have any summer job. They will commit healthcare."

Under the partnership, students pursuing nursing assistant certifications will undergo rigorous training at Rosebud Training Academy, attending classes three days a week, with 120 training hours, including 40 clinical rotations, to complete the program.

Dr. Lisa Smothers emphasized the importance of academic excellence throughout the training process. "They will have to maintain a good GPA in all core areas," she said.

Anticipated enrollment for the program stands at least 17 students, with classes set to commence on August 25th.

With this proactive initiative, Baker High School and Rosebud Training Academy aim to bridge the gap between education and the healthcare industry, empowering students with invaluable skills and addressing the pressing demand for healthcare professionals in the region.

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