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Award-winning Tupelo gospel singer Lee Williams dies

Lee Williams

Veteran gospel singer Lee Williams, the founder, and leader of the group Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC's died on August 30 in Tupelo, Mississippi. The group announced his death via a Facebook post on Monday, August 31 with their 137K fans. The post has already garnered some 2.5K comments and over 5K reactions and Williams is trending on Twitter after many fans took to the platform in disbelief, shock, and grief over his passing. Williams is survived by his wife Annie with whom he was married to for 50 years.

Speaking of sad demises of musical icons this year, the legendary Dusty Hill from ZZ Top died in his sleep in July following a hip injury. Reggae and dub icon Lee "Scratch" Perry died yesterday, August 29 at a hospital in Jamaica following an unspecified illness. The Grammy-winning crooner is survived by his wife and six kids. Dominican merengue singer Johnny Ventura died on July 28 following a heart attack, leaving behind his wife Josefina Flores who he was married for over 50 years.

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