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… And that is what He said!

Dr. Gayle Young

Hey, y’all! If you have read this column before you know that I love my Daddy, Pastor Roosevelt Harrell, Sr, and miss him. I long for his familiarness, his wisdom, his correction, and his staunch belief that God could do anything! He and my mother taught us to take the Lord at His Word. And I still do.

So often we hear at church, “Saints if God said it that settles it.” …. take him at His Word! Then we see their lack of faith demonstrated when the Doctor calls it “cancer” and don’t let them say “terminal cancer.” #Itsfaithtime

The disease of sickle cell and the trait were prevalent in the generations of my family. I had the trait and suffered a lot growing up. Although I was taught, I would be healed, I just could not imagine that, since it was inherited, and I was always in pain.

My precious Daddy didn’t live long enough to see my faith kick in, oh, but I know he is rejoicing with me now. He sees me for who I am, “The Lord’s Healed Woman.”

Through my health trials with tumors, lupus, fibromyalgia, heart disease, and more, I borrowed Daddy’s faith, clung to the healing Word, and just focused on what God said.

When we are down and drifting, diseased and doubting, confused, and confounded, meditate on what God said and believe! Then act on what you believe.

There are 101 things that God said in scripture about healing. We will cover all 101 this year together between this column and with the guest on our 24-hour gospel internet radio station 24/7 praise radio at

It’s healing time- let’s head to the Word! Our first scripture is Exodus 15:26. Here the Lord says, “I am the Lord that health thee.” Your Job: Believe that He is your Healer and act healed. #Iaminfaith

In 2022, I am inviting you to join me, the staff of the BR Weekly Press, and the Baton Rouge community as we work the word of healing, right here every week.

Together let’s be in faith for our healing and the healing of those in our community. As long as we are going to be in faith for our healing, we should be in faith for the healing of others, right? Amen! You must believe that you are healed right now! So, let’s practice the language of healing.

Here we go! Every day we will say, “I believe that my body is a temple that houses my spirit man, my emotions, thoughts, desires, and is my forgiveness center. I believe now that I am healed. God has done a great work in me. I harbor no feelings of anger, hurt, disappointment or unforgiveness. I no longer identify with disease, death and dying, depression and disappointment. I am victorious, I have conquered my lack of faith and there is no drought in my life.

Saints, remember that the leapers were healed when they started acting healed… and headed to the priest to show themselves.” So, you betta act right. #andthatiswhathesaid #Iamnotacompromiser #healed #Iamactingright

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