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Aeronautical Engineering Workshop Scheduled for City of Baker

Baton Rouge, LA – Baton Rouge STEM (BRSTEM) announced this morning the scheduling of its aeronautical engineering workshop for youth in the City of Baker and surrounding communities. BRSTEM established a partnership with the City of Baker earlier this past year to hold a number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workshops at the city’s Workforce Development Center. BRSTEM, launched in August 2019, is working in partnership with the City of Baker and Mayor Darnell Waites to utilize the City of Baker Workforce Development Center as a hub for STEM programming for the town north of Baton Rouge.

“Individuals working in STEM professions helped to build a thriving City of Baker years ago. We are committed to ensuring that the next generation can take advantage of these opportunities and are prepared to utilize STEM-based learning to create an even brighter future for Baker,” stated Mayor Waites earlier this year.

BRSTEM’s aeronautical workshop will provide students in grade K-12 with the opportunity to be introduced to basic aero-space concepts and practices. Students will have the opportunity to build prototype airplanes and rockets, run flight simulation software, and launch rockets inot the unknown as part of this workshop.

Aeronautical Engineering Event Details

January 21, 2023 - 9am to 11am

City of Baker Workforce Development Center

3262 Baker Blvd

Baker, LA 70714



Families interested in attending must register prior to January 19th. Registration is available online at or by calling 225.286.7225.

About Baton Rouge STEM

Baton Rouge STEM is a STEM development program for youth and professional educators with the mission of integrating STEM into classroom learning in alignment with college and career readiness standards.

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