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225 Holistic Fitness and Wellness Ribbon Cutting with Baker Chamber of Commerce

BAKER, La. — On April 29, 2021, International Day Dance, 225 Holistic Fitness and Wellness was officially commemorated in the Baker Chamber of Commerce.

Members of the Chamber and supporters were ready to workout as LaTonya Rounds set up her music and instructed everyone for the 30 minute Zumba workout.

The day was hot and humid but a good time was had by all as everyone worked their muscles and laughed alongside each other as they tried to mimic Ms. Rounds' moves.

LaTonya Rounds offers virtual dance classes on Monday at 7 PM and Tuesday-Thursday at 5:30 PM. Her rates are $6/class and $40/month, more information can be found at her website If you still have questions, feel free to contact her by phone at 225-314-7917 or email her at

When asked what got her into teaching Zumba, she said,

"I joined a gym because I was overweight. I saw an opening for a Zumba class and signed up. I went faithfully and followed the instructor with fervor. When my classmates saw how I was moving and working, they thought I was an instructor.

After hearing that several times, I decided to become a Zumba instructor. I decided that I wanted to address the wholeness of fitness because you can't work your muscles without working on stress management, your sleep schedule or eating properly. I hope to be the voice for the people so that they can change their lifestyles and to help reverse and rid them of chronic diseases.

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